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Easy and secure access to online quality assured Petroleum Exploration & Production Data. PPEPDR is a centralized digital database for all seismic, well, and physical data that can be accessed online. Saving cost and precious time, offline data management system as well as associated online data management services have been implemented providing, among other benefits, fast web-based access to E&P data. Since its inception, the Pakistan National Data Repository has improved the speed and ease of accessing and sharing geotechnical data. With the establishment of Petrobank in 2001, a significant milestone was achieved in the E&P Industry of Pakistan when it was decided to introduce cutting-edge data management & archival technology. The requirements for the project were tendered out and LMK Resources again emerged successful based on their expertise. The major objective was to make data available online for E&P companies who wish to subscribe to such a service. The repository contains terabytes of secure petrotechnical data available to clients online.

The new process for reviewing, purchasing, and data transfer involves simple subscriptions. Clients are able to view, select and download data to their desktops through a high bandwidth online access system. In Parallel, the existing system for data review and purchase will also be available. The highly scalable PetroBank architecture is an integrated system, accessible through the Power Explorer interface. It provides an integrated view of information from multiple external databases as well as data stored in PetroBank.

Highlights of PPEPDR
Some key benefits are as under:

  • Faster project cycle time
  • More data accessible
  • Quality assured data (hence improved user confidence)
  • More effective data flow from contractors
  • Easier reporting
  • Use of standards
  • Reduced software and hardware investment
  • Reduced disk space needs
  • Saving on data storage
  • Reduced G&G archive activity
  • Better internal and external data distribution
  • Greater data version control
  • Less data reformatting
  • Workstation-ready formatting
  • More effective and safe data trading
  • Easier culture data updates
  • Better data selection and overview
Key Functions
  • Data Selection
  • Data viewing
  • Data request
  • Data trading
  • External data access
  • Data security
  • Maintenance of data

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